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Pursuit aims to simplify hunting and fishing licensing and trip planning with a clean and organized license utility and real-time field mapping program for your mobile device.

With Pursuit managing the logistics, you can focus on punching your tag with a trophy buck or coaxing a rise out of a finning brown. You can focus on the Pursuit.

Store. Access. Purchase. Track.

Pursuit stores your vital information and state-specific Sportsman’s ID on your mobile device to simplify the purchasing process of new hunting and fishing licenses. Upload images of your licenses to the app for quick and easy retrieval, then get reminders when you need to renew with direct links into state-specific online portals.

In the field, use Pursuit as a real-time field log. Record GPS coordinates and leave notes about your favorite spots within the app. Fear not, we didn’t build social sharing into the mapping function, you can pick and choose who you would want to share with.

Your secret stands and honey holes are safe so long as you don’t let your buddies coax you out of your phone after a few free beers at the local watering hole.

How it works.

License Utility 
Store hunting and fishing licenses within the app. Receive expiration notifications, and have all important information at your fingertips.
Field Notes
Record GPS locations and field notes for reference during future hunting and fishing pursuits.
Purchase Online
Access your state-specific identification numbers and quickly connect to that state’s online license purchase portal.

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License Utility

Pursuit is a place to store your hunting and fishing licenses. Quickly access state identification numbers and expiration dates to keep you quickly informed about your license information.
Quickly access this information for future use and to remind you to renew those expired licenses

License Purchase.

Pursuit is a hunting and fishing mobile utility tool, which makes it simple to buy or renew hunting and fishing licenses. Users can access their information quickly to help ease the process of renewing or buying online.


Pursuit is also a hunting and fishing mapping platform, with which users can drop annotations and take location-based field notes for review months or years down the road.

Information remains stored in your device and is linked to the outdoorsmen.

Pursuit App Mapping

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