“There has to be a better way to do this?!”

After purchasing countless hunting and fishing licenses in dozens of states enduring out-of-service terminals and clunky web portals, Pursuit grew from a simple question, or perhaps, a cry for help. After an initial research phase we realized a huge demand among sportsmen for a more convenient way to purchase and manage licenses. As the lifeblood of our nation’s land management and conservation efforts the core purpose of the licensing system works, the execution leaves something to be desired.
The technology behind Pursuit came easy. Our initial launch attracted thousands due to the app’s novelty and its vision of a new solution. This early success has helped us push dialogs with state wildlife agencies across the country to develop partnerships and ultimately achieve seamless license purchase and renewal integrations.  With our audience continuing to grow, we continue to refine the app and its functionality and push policy to achieve our goal, a user-friendly mobile portal to acquire hunting and fishing licenses across the US.   

Sportsmen are asking for Pursuit, not some new social media platform designed to maximize screen time. They want a utility that can simplify the logistics of licensing and location scouting to help maximize each day in the field. They want something that supports the current system and conservation it promotes. They want something that can help them Stay in Pursuit.

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